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Curry flavours

Take your beer and curry matching seriously

There’s nothing like a good curry to warm up on a winter’s night. And while curry and beer have long been buddies – often at the point in the evening when you can’t taste much of anything anymore – we talk to an expert about why you should take your beer and curry matching more seriously, to make the best of both. 

Late night lager and a volcanic vindaloo – we’ve all been there. But beer with curry shouldn’t be about putting out a fire. Like any food and beverage match, the flavours of each should complement the other.

Trevor Rollinson, technical brewer for Boundary Road says a good general rule for matching your beer and curry is “the more spicy the curry, the higher the alcohol of the beer for cleansing the palate”.

So, for example a 5% ABV (alcohol by volume) beer is a great match for a mild curry, but a 6-7% beer will better suit a “chilli fest”.

And, while the traditional lager/ curry combo is still a refreshing, palate- cleansing option, Rollinson says it’s worth experimenting with bolder beers, given we have so many great craft beers now available. “Stronger malt flavours – and more bitterness than you find in a mainstream lager – will complement the rich flavours in the curry,” he says. 

Rogan Josh Beer Match

Boundary Road Mumbo Jumbo British IPA

At 5.2% ABV with specialty malts and cascade hops Mumbo Jumbo compliments the coriander and garam masala spices. The additional bitterness will also cut through the creamy texture, which in turn will tone down the bitterness a little. 

Put the principles to the test with this tasty classic curry recipe from Auckland’s Little India restaurant: 

Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh

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