Corona Ligera: for when the light is right

How are those New Years resolutions coming along? If you’re still dragging yourself to the gym and chomping carrot sticks instead of chips and dip, well done. But if your resolve’s fading quicker than a summer sunset, there’s a new tasty brew in town, to help you stay on track.

Lighter drinking options – particularly mid-strength beer – are one of the hottest trends this summer. Less alcohol means fewer calories, allowing you to be kinder to your waistline without crippling your social life. Besides, is there anything more blissful than a guilt-free beer in the late afternoon sun?

There’s plenty of factors driving the rise in lighter drinking options – perhaps the most important being huge improvements in taste and quality over the past few years. A mass proliferation of choice has definitely helped matters too, and now even the big-name brews are jumping on the bandwagon. Corona Ligera (pronounced lee-here-ah) has burst onto the summer drinking scene, promising “that unmistakable refreshing, crisp Corona style” with a tiny 3.2% ABV.

Imported from Mexico, Corona Ligera offers a taste of the exotic – a flavour ‘From Where You’d Rather Be’. As you’d expect, it’s light on the palate, with subtle malt and hop notes plus a tasty, dry finish – and as always, a wedge of lime takes it to the next level.

Lower alcohol beers are the logical next step in a world looking to moderate consumption without missing out. So if you’re keen to keep life light (and hit those health and fitness goals) crack into a Corona Ligera this summer.