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Corona goes the extra mile for Christchurch coastlines

We didn't really need more reason to love Corona, but their latest environmental project with Sustainable Coastlines has us seriously impressed

We were excited to hear that one of our favourite beers – Corona – got behind a massive tree planting exercise that took place at Anzac Reserve in Christchurch last weekend. The planting will reduce pollution flowing into the ocean, help to bring back native species to the area and enable opportunities for Mahinga Kai (traditional food gathering).

Around 100 volunteers and even a few famous faces got their hands dirty planting 2000 trees donated by Corona in the Mahinga Kai Restoration, in north-east Christchurch. The planting was organised by Sustainable Coastlines and locals from the Avon-?t?karo Network and Million Metres.

Corona is going to be taking punters off the beaten track into the snow this winter with their Back Country Escape competition, and they’re keen to extend their partnership with Sustainable Coastlines into the winter months by planting trees to look after the water we all love.

Sustainable Coastlines’ winter efforts focus on fresh water quality, which is particularly important given that New Zealand’s waterways are at their poorest during the cooler months.

This is due to the heavy rainfall that brings pollutants (such as nutrients, sediment and heavy metals) into the waterways off the land. 69 per cent of the waterways where testing is taking place are not suitable for swimming after rains.

Anzac Reserve is close to Travis Wetland, the last large freshwater wetland in Burwood, Christchurch, and an important habitat for native wetland plants and birds.

Corona partnered with Sustainable Coastlines earlier this year with a big beach clean-up, and is thrilled to be back together supporting the local environment. 

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