Zero alcohol lager

Cheers to great-tasting low alcohol beer

When you'd love a drink but you need to stay sharp, DB Export Gold 0.0 has your back.

DB Export Gold 0.0 is a crisp, full flavoured golden lager with all the refreshing character you would expect from the innovative Kiwi brand, but with a twist.

DB Export Gold 0.0 is made with a combination of premium malts and hops using an innovative new brewing process, which DB has been developing and refining over the past year. It's a great option for DB Export fans, or anyone who loves the taste of beer, but with less than 0.05% alcohol per volume*.

The low and no-alcohol segment is growing rapidly in New Zealand, and DB is excited to offer an innovative option to beer drinkers who want the taste of one of their favourite beers, but almost none of the alcohol*.

Give it a try today and discover a new way to enjoy a Kiwi favourite.


*Less than 0.05% alc/vol from the natural brewing process