New Zealand beer

Change It Up With Emerson's Kaleidoscope

Dunedin brewer Emersons has created a hazy that plays on your tongue like a kaleidoscope of colours

Just like the trailblazing Emerson's brewery, the kaleidoscope was invented by a Scotsman. Scottish scientist and optics specialist Sir David Brewster discovered the art of combining light and mirrors to create beautiful forms (the name 'kaleidoscope' comes from the Ancient Greek words 'kalos' - meaning 'beautiful'; and 'eidos' - meaning 'form') around 1815.

This year, fellow Scotsman Richard Emerson - known as 'the godfather of craft beer' for the incredible brews he creates at his Dunedin brewery - named his new Kaleidoscope Hazy Pale Ale, ABV 5.2%, after this wonderful creation. With hoppy, bitter notes, tropical fruits and hint of lemon citrus, this beer creates delicious, ever-changing patterns on your tongue.