Brewtroleum is back

DB Export are asking Kiwis to help save the planet, one beer at a time

In 2015, Kiwi innovation reached the pinnacle of its success, when DB Export created Brewtroleum – a high-grade biofuel made from the by-product of brewing beer.

Working exclusively with Gull, DB came up with a method of stripping ethanol away from the yeast slurry, then distilling it and refining it to 99 per cent purity. It can then be mixed with petroleum to produce 98 per cent Brewtroleum. It can be used in any normal combustion engine, and emits 8 per cent less carbon than traditional petroleum while still delivering the same performance as Gull’s Force 10 fuel. So it’s good for your car, good for the planet and, er … good for your beer belly.

“Last year, drinkers of DB Export helped us create DB Brewtroleum, that was sold in 62 Gull petrol stations across the country,” says Sean O’Donnell from DB. “This summer, we’re counting on the beer drinking people of New Zealand to help us save the world, again, by drinking DB Export for us to make another batch of biofuel”.

Why not raise a glass to the challenge this weekend.

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