Craft beer

Big bold beers

If you like your beers big on the shelf and brash on the tongue, you’re in good company. Here are five of our favourite hoppy heroes

Panhead Quickchange XPA 500ml

4.6% ABV

Don't be put off by the light amber colour, this low-malt, high-hop beer is bursting full of flavour, hitting you with guava, mango and lychee characters that will leave you asking for more.

Moa Five Hop English Ale 500ml

6.2% ABV

A range of Nelson hops gives this alternative take on an English ale a savoury, hoppy nose with a creamy, honeyed finish.

Mac's Green Beret IPA 330ml 6 Pack

5.4% ABV

You don’t have to be military trained to enjoy this one, but like a Boy Scout you should ‘be prepared’. Brewed to produce flavours of citrus, pine and tropical fruit, it is then dry hopped for an explosion of aroma and flavour.

Monteith's Black 6 Pack Bottles 330ml

5.2% ABV

Created from a blend of five premium malts, this crisp yet smooth dark beer has real depth with dominant coffee notes. Nice creamy head, with a strong malt flavour on the nose.

Tuatara Double Trouble 500ml

9.0% ABV

Calling Double Trouble a 'hop showcase' might imply it has your best interests at heart. If your answer to the question "how much hopping would you like?" is simply "more", this beer will make you careful what you wish for. The malt base and Chico yeast construct the perfect platform for stunning multiple additions of so many hop varieties no label could hope to list them all.

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