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Tangy, sweet and bitter – make the most of the autumn harvest by tasting some of New Zealand's best fruit beers

If you’re after something different this weekend, fruit beers offer a wide spectrum of flavour profiles, from the sweet and, well, fruity, to the tart and bitter.

Popular in Belgium, fruit beers are gaining traction globally as more of us turn to sour and unique flavours in our drinks. Fruit beers can be found across all styles, from stouts and porters to lagers and ales. Some breweries introduce the fruit as an add-on in the fermentation process, while others introduce fruit syrups to the final mix.

Here we select our favourite New Zealand fruit beers (and one made with cucumber, which is technically a fruit if you believe Wikipedia!).

1. Liberty Brewing C!tra Double IPA

An IPA that’s been enlivened with an overload of American citra hops for full-on citrus and tropical fruit flavours, and strong biscuity caramel notes.

2. Moa Cherry Sour 

Moa ages this pleasingly sour wheat beer in oak barrels, with the addition of cherry stones and skins which are left to ferment for a delicious brew.

3. Epic Coffee & Fig Stout 

This delicious stout is made with US Cascade hops, enriched with caramelised dried Turkish Lerida figs, New Zealand’s Caffe L’affare Ethiopian whole coffee beans, and Philippine toasted coconut.

4. Garage Project Orange Sunshine Citrus Wheat 

Fruit and spice combine in this winning American-style wheat ale that’s had sunshine added in the form of orange and lemon zest.

5. 8 Wired Cucumber Hippy Berliner Weiss 

Newly released in can form, this popular brew is crisp and clean, with a gentle tang and unique cucumber flavour.

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