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Best Chocolate Beers

A new chocolate beer collab with Lewis Road Creamery has us crushing on chocolatey porters and stouts

Kiwi beer brand Moa have just launched a beer in collaboration with Lewis Road Creamery. While you’re busy forming a new crush on Moa’s Milk Chocolate Stout, take a look at our selection of other great chocolate stouts and porters…

Moa Milk Chocolate Stout

Dark beer meets rich Belgian chocolate nibs and Heilala Vanilla to create a decadent, creamy, rich and easily drinkable chocolate stout. Oh mama!

Tuatara Moolah Chocolate Milk Stout

Roasted chocolate malt gets cosy with cacao nibs, balanced by subtle hop bitterness. This stout has a roasted, sweet and dry finish and beds down nicely with strong cheeses and chocolate desserts.

Boundary Road Chocolate Moose Chocolate Porter

Moose by name “mousse” by nature, this full-bodied porter has a silky chocolate finish, and enticing flavours of roasted malts with toasted toffee, caramel and light biscuit. Don’t mind if we do!

Behemoth Triple Chocolate Milk Stout

Described as ‘pudding in a glass’ this stout is infused with Dutch cocoa, cocoa nibs and chocolate malt (hence the ‘Triple’), plus a dose of vanilla because, well, why not? If we could put a cherry on top of it we would.

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