Beer Ideas

Beer Opener Hacks

Stuck with a bottle of something cold and nothing to open it with? Make like MacGuyver with these three genius opener hacks

We’ve all been there. A picnic, house party or BBQ where the bottle opener goes missing. Don’t risk denting your fancy kitchen bench – instead impress your friends with these clever bottle opener hacks…


Take a sheet of A4 paper. Fold it in half widthwise, then repeat folding in half twice more. Now fold the paper in half lengthwise so you have a short piece of paper that’s approximately 2cm across and 10cm long. Now use the pointed folded corner underneath your bottle cap to pop it open. Voila!


Hold the bottle in your non-dominant hand. Use a common house key (don’t even think about using that expensive-to-replace electronic chipped car key), and hold the long side at the edge of the bottle cap. Get a purchase with one of the key’s teeth, then twist it upwards and lever gently to loosen the cap slightly. Repeat another couple of times, rotating the bottle as you go, then place the tip of the key under the cap to finally pop it.


As with the key technique, hold the bottle in your non-dominant hand, keeping a tight grip. Hold the spoon by the handle and use the pointed end of the spoon underneath the cap to pop it open. You’ll probably need 2-3 goes, rotating the bottle each time.


Don’t be mislead by what you see on Youtube – knives are never a good alternative to a bottle opener. In America well over 2 million emergency room visits are due to lacerations of the hand or arm, largely due to accidents with kitchen knives.

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