quiz time

Beer cupid

Which brew is most suited to you? Take our quiz to find your match

Choose a dinner:

A. Spicy tacos
B. Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls
C. A rich, meaty stew
D. Ramen

Choose a flavour profile:

A. Hoppy and intense
B. Crisp ‘n clean
C. Malty and caramelly
D. Tart and fruity

Where would you most like to sip a brew:

A. With a Thai Beef Salad on a summer’s evening
B. Watching the sun go down after a surf
C. Snuggled by the fire apres-ski
D. Lunching in the sun with friends

What’s your favourite season?

A. Spring
B. Autumn
C. Winter
D. Summer

The answers:

Mostly A’s = Indian Pale Ale

Hoppy, spicy, delicious. The IPA is your ideal partner. Try out the Epic Armageddon IPA – you won't be disappointed. 

Mostly B’s = Pilsner

Zesty passionfruity and great with a grilled cheese sandwich. Your ultimate pal. Give the Galbraith’s Bohemian Pilsner a go. 

Mostly C’s = Stout

Rich, creamy and perfect on a winter's night, a stout like the Tuatara Tiramisu Oatmeal Stout is the one for you.

Mostly D’s = Sour beer

A bit of a quirkier but delicious one, the sour beer will be the perfect, tangy companion for you. Moa Cherry Sour is a great place to kick-start the friendship.

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