New Zealand Beers

Because they Can: Cassels' New Journey

Already renowned for their beautifully balanced beers, now you can pick up your favourite Cassels in a can

Christchurch family brewers Cassels is well known for producing beers Kiwis love. Now their popular IPA and NZ Pale Ales are being made in just the same way, but now in a handy 330ml can.

The Cassels New Zealand Pale Ale delivers on all levels. At 5.3% ABV, it's golden in colour, with fresh, tropical fruit flavours and aromas, and balanced with a light malt foundation. Made from Kohatu, Moutere, Nectaron and NZ Wai-Iti hops, and Cassels Ale and Malted Wheat malts, this is an approachable beer for all seasons.

The full-bodied Cassels NZ IPA is golden in colour, with a blend of highly aromatic Moutere, Nectaron and Taiheke hops. It has a light, tropical flavour with a hint of light caramel, making this IPA a refreshing beer for any time of year.