A tropical perfect match

Watch Emerson's Brewery founder Richard Emerson (otherwise known as the "Hopfather") and Emerson's Sales and Marketing Manager Greg Menzies match Emerson's Kaleidoscope with Appleton's Estate 12yo Rum. 

Watch the video below to learn about how this rum and beer match work together. 

"Here we've got Emerson’s Kaleidoscope Hazy Pale Ale and a powerful Jamaican Rum in Appleton's Estate 12yo, from rare barrels...", explains Greg. 

"The tropical flavours of the rum and the tropical flavours of Kaleidoscope work well together."

Because "this is such a powerful rum", Richard and Greg mix things up by trying the rum first, then the beer. Watch the video to hear more of their thoughts.

... And what about the food accompaniment? 

"It would pair well with Jamaican Jerk Chicken [because] the rum would bring out the heat, and then beer would kick the heat out,” explains Richard.


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