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5 Craft Beer Trends 2015

We’re well and truly halfway through 2015, and craft beer’s popularity is showing no signs of slowing down. In light of this craft domination, here’s our top 5 beer trends.

Arty Farty

If there’s one thing that’s sure to make a beer stand out on the shelves, it’s the way it looks. Craft brewers have been arming themselves with creative individuals to ingeniously design funky labels for their cans and bottles. Check out Good George and Garage Project - the two brewing brands at the forefront of beer graphics. 

Low alc love

Low alcohol beverages are still on fire. While this category seems to be more popular with the big beer brands, the crafties are starting to get on board. A good one to start with is Tuatara's ITI Little Big Hop APA. 

Sour power

The traditional German and Belgian sours have been making their way into the craft beer scene. Lip-puckering, mouth-tingling beers are mellowed out by craft brewers looking to introduce their customers to the world of sour without scaring them off.

Food booze

Like pairing your dinner with a fine wine, there has be a fair bit of attention on beer and food pairings. 

Meet Brett

Brewers are starting to ferment their brews with Brettanomyces, a funky yeast, to create wild flavours. 

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